AB 1825 Training Courses

California Sexual Harassment Training

Several online training solutions have been created by Workplace Answers to satisfy California AB 1825 sexual harassment training requirements. From individual supervisor training courses, to higher education faculty and staff training solutions, Workplace Answers has a course that caters to your organization’s unique needs to comply with California law. Supervisor training courses provide guidance through real life scenarios, such as when a supervisor needs to work with Human Resources, while employee sexual harassment training explains what specifically qualifies a complaint of harassment.

The common denominator between the variety of course offerings is that they all provide proven strategies for recognizing, responding and resolving complaints of sexual harassment, as well as unlawful discrimination. All of the following sexual harassment training courses can be taken on any web browser, even through a dial-up connection. Additionally, all courses have automated email registration, online documentation, real-time reporting, and a pace meter to ensure the two-hour training requirement is reached.

All sexual harassment training courses are written by subject-matter and legal experts, and are available in versions that fulfill your organization’s specific requirements. The standard supervisor training course is a two-hour online course.

o Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors
Audience: Anyone who supervises at least one California employee or contractor
o Sexual Harassment Prevention in Spanish
Audience: Spanish-speaking supervisors of at least one California employee or contractor
o SHP for for Higher Education Faculty
Audience: Higher education faculty are considered to be supervisors under the law
o SHP for for Higher Education Staff
Audience: Higher education & school district supervisory staff
o SHP for Public Supervisors 
Audience: Government and public sector supervisors
o SHP for Healthcare Professionals 
Audience: Healthcare supervisors of at least one California employee or contractor
o SHP for California Attorneys
Audience: Law firm managers and attorneys

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