AB1825 Mandates Sexual Harassment Training in California

California state law AB1825, which is part of the Fair Employment and Housing Act, first became effective August 17, 2007. The legislation mandates state-wide sexual harassment training for any employee who performs supervisory functions within a company of 50 employees or more. California harassment training requirements set the standard for the rest of the country; the state is one of only three that mandate workplace harassment training along with Maine and Connecticut.

California harassment training stipulations are meticulously detailed in AB1825. The regulations aren’t always intuitive and will result in serious consequences if not complied with properly. There are many training solutions, such as web-based training, that cater to an organization’s unique needs in complying with AB1825.

A Web-Based Solution for California Harassment Training

Finalized California harassment training mandates established that web-based training fulfills AB1825 sexual harassment training requirements. Online training solutions are consistent, compliant and don’t take away from any employee’s valuable time. Online California harassment training courses are also easily tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs in compliance with AB1825.

The Right Sexual Harassment Training Course for your Organization

All of the California Harassment Training course editions below have employee records documentation, email registration, and real-time reporting that make it simple to train even the largest organizations.

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors

Sexual Harassment Prevention in Spanish

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Higher Education Faculty and Staff

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Public Supervisors

Sexual Harassment Prevention for California Supervisors

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